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Meet the DSJCPA Coronavirus Response Team

As your trusted advisors, DSJCPA is committed to sharing the best information available concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our clients and to helping you navigate through this turbulent business climate.


Given the unprecedented times we are currently living in, DSJCPA has formed an in-house Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) to assist our clients meet all of their business needs. The CRT embodies the Whole-of-Firm approach that we are taking to ensure that our clients have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience on our staff.

The CRT holds daily meetings to discuss incoming client requests for assistance as well as on-going client engagements arising from the Coronavirus pandemic. The team shares the results from their daily research into guidance issued by Congress or other government agencies to communicate any changes or updates in real-time to the rest of the team. Moreover, the team holds conference calls multiple times per week with professionals from different industries to get different perspectives and insights.

Each member of the CRT brings a different area of expertise to the team, creating a wide portfolio of services that we are able to offer our clients. Regardless of your business industry or Firm size, we are confident that our team of trusted professionals can and will provide you with the necessary assistance and resources to get through this difficult period.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any of our CRT members. We are available to speak via email or on a call from our office, which remains open, operational, and ready to assist you and your business.

Above all else, we hope that everyone remains healthy and wish a speedy recovery to those who have been either directly or indirectly affected by the Coronavirus.

Meet the DSJCPA Coronavirus Response Team

Managing Partner

(516) 541 – 6549


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