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The Great DSJ Bake-Off

With tax season extended until the July 15th deadline, our staff has been working patiently and tirelessly to assist our clients through these unique circumstances. As a thank you for everyone’s hard work and cooperation, DSJ decided to treat the company to a fun new tradition.

Earlier last month, some of our top bakers came together for DSJ’s first annual bake-off. DSJ is no novice when it comes to desserts—from birthday cakes and leftover goodies to random ice pops in the freezer, it’s safe to say we have a strong sweet tooth. As a tribute to our best bakers—and, above all, an excuse to bring more sweets to the office—The Great DSJ Bake Off was born.

The anticipation leading up to the bake-off was charged with competition; with everyone vying to be the sole champion, there were certainly a few friendly rivalries and plenty of baking jokes to go around.

Each dessert was displayed in the kitchen Friday morning for everyone to taste throughout the day (this was, as one could imagine, a failed attempt to keep everyone from eating everything at once). Everyone in the office was given three votes for their first, second, and third-place choices. Votes were tallied up and the DSJ Baking Champion was decided…

First place: Joe Leonard & Cooper — Carrot Cake

Second place: Anthony Condoleo — Chocolate Amaretto Cake & Chocolate Coconut Bars

Third place: Stephen Liantonio & Karrie — Cinnamon Bun Cupcakes

Our other delicious desserts included:

Danielle Bacso: Rainbow Cookies (in DSJ colors!)

Devin McQuillan: Flower Pot Fondant Cake

Nana: Cookies, Nut Cups, & Pound Cake


Devin McQuillan
Associate, Creative Solutions

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