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The Rent is Too Damn High! NYS Emergency Rental Assistance Program

  • ERAP seeks to provide New Yorkers in need with improved rental assistance after CARES Act fails
  • Details of the program, eligibility requirements, and how to apply
  • RiseBoro Community Partnership helps Queens and Brooklyn residents with ERAP applications

New Yorkers’ long-overdue rent relief is finally here: New York State’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) opens today, June 1.

The ERAP follows New York’s previous failed attempt at giving $100 million rental relief through the CARES Act. Whereas the last program failed at properly allocating funds because of strict state-mandated eligibility requirements, the ERAP will distribute on a first come first serve basis after first funding a prioritized group, and then will distribute all money allotted.

Qualifying Costs

The ERAP is set to cover up to 12 months’ worth of outstanding rent balance from March 13th, 2020 on. The program is also eligible to assist with up to 3 months of additional prospective rental assistance as well as 12 months of electric or gas utility debt.

Eligible Groups

For the first 30 days, funding will be prioritized for households with income at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and tenants who are currently unemployed, have pending eviction cases, live in buildings with 20 units or fewer, and/or live in communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

After the classified prioritized groups, the ERAP is available for eligible households earning income at or below 80% of the AMI.

How to Apply

Both landlords and tenants are eligible to apply for this relief. The application and other helpful tools can be found on the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance website.

Click here to apply.


Personal identification for all household members, a social security number (if applicable), proof of rent amount and signed lease, proof of residency and occupancy, proof of income, and copies of gas or electric bill (if applying for utility bill relief). Lawful immigration status not required to apply.


Completed W-9 tax form, copy of lease or a canceled check from last full monthly rent payment, documentation stating rent amounts due, and banking information to receive direct deposit.

Moratorium Continues

As Governor Cuomo loosens and lifts pandemic restrictions, the state also passed legislation earlier this month extending the statewide moratorium on residential and commercial convictions through August 31st.

Get Help

Qualified applicants in Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods can seek help with their applications through ERAP providers, like our friends at RiseBoro. RiseBoro is a community partnership looking to curb homelessness and housing instability in NYC.

Email or call 718-547-2800 and visit the RiseBoro website here.

For further questions and application assistance, get in touch with your trusted advisors at DSJCPA. Call 516-541-6549 or visit our website to stay up to date.

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