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Humans of DSJ – Allen Rosen

Introducing Allen Rosen

A Brooklyn native for 40 years, Allen Rosen now resides in Oceanside and is a valuable member of DSJ’s tax team. Allen is extremely well-liked around the office and is known for his positive attitude and his great sense of humor, always getting a laugh in with his co-workers. Being with the firm for almost 3 years now, Allen says he enjoys helping his clients save on their taxes, as well as being an invaluable and impactful member of the tax team.

Allen’s Professional Profile

Allen found his interest in accounting while attending Hunter College in New York City, and afterward, pursued his CPA. Numbers have always come easy to Allen, as he can “find logic within the numbers.” One of Allen’s favorite parts of working at DSJ is the people, as he truly enjoys his coworkers’ presence and the family-like atmosphere DSJ offers. In 10 years, he hopes to be retired, living somewhere tropical, and able to enjoy his time with family and friends.

Allen’s Personal Life

Outside of the office, Allen enjoys a multitude of different things like going to the beach, going out to a nice dinner, watching and listening to his kids play music, and most importantly spending time with his family and friends. Allen’s wife is the person he considers himself to be the closest within his life; as they have a great relationship and are both extremely dedicated to each other and their 3 wonderful children. He Is particularly proud of his kids for who they have become and all they accomplish, as well as for being happily married for over 32 years.

Allen is particularly inspired by his son, Logan, who has Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He says that he admires how Logan, who’s been challenged his entire life, learned how to navigate the world with the love and support of his family and care takers. He keeps pushing no matter how many adversities he faces. Having to care for his son while also “learning & negotiating the ins-and-outs of the special needs world” was something Allen described as being one of the hardest things he has had to overcome in his life, although from an outside perspective it was seen as done with ease.

Something not many people may know about Allen is he used to be an avid comic book collector, and still is a big superhero fan in general; so much so that even 2 of his 3 children are named after comic book characters (Logan after the Wolverine comics, and Grayson after Robin AKA “Dick Grayson” from Batman). Allen’s collection all started back when his girlfriend (now wife) gave him his first comic for his birthday, an “Amazing Spiderman” comic.  After reading this, Allen was hooked, going down to his local comic shop to check out all of the other editions they had and even joining a comic club where he would receive new comics every week.

Allen’s Favorite

Movie:                                  Monty Python & the Holy Grail

TV Show:                              Seinfeld & South Park

Band:                                    The Who (Honorable Mention: The Beatles)

Genre of Music:                   Rock and Roll

Color:                                    Purple

Food:                                     Pizza

Sports Team:                         The New York Mets

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