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SEC Cyber Enforcement Team Doubles in Preparation for Crypto Regulation

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) announced earlier this week that it is adding 20 new positions to its Crypto Assets Unit which is in the Cyber Unit of the Commission. The new unit previously handled cybercrimes but is … Continue reading


The 5 States in the U.S. Without a Sales Tax

The United States has many different types of taxes that vary depending on the state that we live in. One of the most common taxes Americans hear about is Sales Tax, which is based on what state you are … Continue reading


Crypto Advocate Elon Musk Buys Twitter – What Does this Mean for Digital Assets?

American Billionaire and Entrepreneur, Elon Musk has recently announced that he will be purchasing the social media platform Twitter for a whopping $43 billion. Twitter becomes another piece to Elon Musk’s collection of multi-million dollar companies. He also owns electric … Continue reading


Businesses Can Thrive in the Metaverse

What seemed so foreign only a few months ago is quickly making its way to the mainstream. The Metaverse has seen a multitude of businesses entering its space and trying to figure out how it can be beneficial for them. … Continue reading


Child Tax Credit FAQs

The IRS revised its answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Child Tax Credit, adding a new set of six commonly asked filing season questions.  The new fact sheet posted on Wednesday to the IRS website answered a lot of … Continue reading


2022 Vehicle Depreciation and Deductions

In general, if you use vehicles in pursuit of a trade or business, you can deduct the ordinary and necessary expenses incurred while operating the vehicle. Taxpayers may use either the standard mileage rate method or the actual cost method … Continue reading


Depreciation Tax Shield – How do we Calculate?

The Depreciation Tax Shield is a key component of financial and accounting industry strategies. Many people that are working or looking for work in these two industries should master this method to further benefit themselves and their clients.… Continue reading


Florida Governor Signs Bill That Will Strip Disney of Special Tax Status

A bill to strip Disney of its special tax status was passed last week by the Florida House of Representatives shortly after the Senate approved it 23-16. This stems from the battle Disney has been having with the Florida Governor … Continue reading


US Job Markets – The Best Cities to Find Employment

The job sector of the US economy was able to recover despite the pandemic that it has been facing for over two years.  There have been dramatic increases in employment in fields such as healthcare, technology, construction, and more. Total … Continue reading


Russia Attempting to Evade U.S. Sanctions – Treasury Department Cracking Down

In the last week, we have seen an increased effort in the US Treasury Department’s attempt to combat Russia’s evasion of sanctions imposed on them. Sanctions were announced during a meeting of 20 nations which included representatives from both the … Continue reading