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IRS Hiring Thousands – Delays on Paper Returns Still Expected

As the 2021 filing season has come to an end, the IRS is still on a mission to hire more employees to combat the backlog of paper returns. Although this is the case, the IRS commissioner is still warning of … Continue reading


Married Filers Get Better Tax Benefits

When agreeing to marry the one you love your first thought may not be how it will affect your taxes (at least we hope not)! However, after tying the knot, there are several potential benefits you may be able to … Continue reading


SALT Deduction Cap Challenge – DENIED!

This past Monday, the Supreme Court declined to review a challenge on the $10,000 ceiling imposed on the state and local tax (SALT) deduction.  The SALT deduction cap was one of the most controversial provisions made in the 2017 tax … Continue reading


DSJ Tax Team Offseason – What Now?

Now that the April 18th deadline is among us, tax season is going to start winding down. Like athletes in their offseason, the period after the deadline for tax professionals is very similar. Most tax pros gave it … Continue reading


IRS Letter 6501 – Qualified Opportunity Funds

At the beginning of April, the IRS announced that they will be sending a letter to people who need to take action related to Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs). If a taxpayer decided to attach Form 8996 QOF to their tax … Continue reading


Student Loan Moratorium Extended Through End of August

President Biden recently announced the federal pause on student loan payments will be extended until the end of August. Officials of the Biden Administration have been weighing this idea for several months now, struggling with deciding if they should extend … Continue reading


Tax Filing Deadline – 5 Common Tax Refund Myths

As the deadline to file tax returns is finally among us, there are some new and some familiar myths circulating regarding refund details and the speeding up of tax refunds. As DSJ gets prepared for next year, let’s take a … Continue reading


Protect Yourself From These Potential IRS Scams in 2022

As the filing deadline is approaching and we’re headed down the final stretch of tax season, most Americans are fed up with the stresses of dealing with the IRS and have not gotten much help in return. As if this … Continue reading


Filing for an Extension – What to Know

As the tax deadline approaches, many taxpayers have still yet to file their taxes!  Many of those who still haven’t filed may be beginning to panic, but don’t worry, there is something you can do to give yourself some … Continue reading


Tax Deadline – April 18th This Year

Taxes and payments will be due this year on April 18th, 2022!  This is the case as the D.C. IRS office is closed on Friday, April 15th in observance of the locally recognized holiday Emancipation Day.  This … Continue reading