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DSJCPA Coronavirus Response Team

Christopher Sena, CPA


Chris Sena is the Partner-In-Charge of the Coronavirus Response Team and a specialist in the not-for-profit sector. Chris has provided accounting and tax advisory services to DSJCPA’s not-for-profit clients over the course of his 25-year career, including during times of crisis or financial hardship, such as the Great Recession and Super Storm Sandy. Chris sets the agenda and leads the daily discussions with the DSJCPA Coronavirus Response Team.

Gigi Boudreaux, CPA

Tax Partner

Gigi Boudreaux is DSJCPA’s Tax Partner, assisting clients with both general tax matters as well as providing advisory services in highly tax specific fields such as real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, and high net worth individuals. Gigi will ensure that your business remains current as it relates to the resources available to your business and the tax implications they might have to your business.

Tony J. Perrone, CPA

Financial Services Partner

Tony Perrone has served clients in industries from construction trade and co-ops to medical professionals, giving him keen insight into what it takes to run profitable organizations in different industries. Leveraging his experience in assisting companies before, during, and after Super Storm Sandy, Tony can advise and consult you on a wide variety of accounting matters that will affect your business as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as the ongoing legislation being passed by Congress.

Anthony Carrella, CPA, CGMA

Non-for-Profit Partner

Anthony Carrella has extensive experience helping businesses manage through cash flow crises and prioritize their capital needs based on projections. Serving as an Outsourced Controller & CFO on multiple occasions, Anthony is available to prepare financial reports and projections needed for loans as he has done for clients in the past, particularly in the healthcare field.

Stephen Jahelka, CFA

Chief Business Officer, Disaster Relief Consultant

During his time as a Consultant at KPMG LLP, Stephen Jahelka helped companies recover and restructure following periods of unprecedented change or financial hardship. Working with your key personnel, Stephen can create financial models to value any economic damages suffered by your business in order to acquire bank financing or file an insurance claim. Stephen can also assist in creating different financial analyses to help assess if any structural changes are needed to your business in order to adapt to this turbulent business climate.