• NYC restaurants file a class-action lawsuit against Cuomo, DeBlasio alleging “irreparable harm”
    • Industry has continued to get decimated due to COVID-19 and NYC’s response
    • Amid criticism, DeBlasio finally agreed to allow indoor dining at 25% capacity beginning 9/30
    • NY leadership has faced intense backlash due to inconsistent management of the crisis

NYC restaurants have finally had enough with what they have felt is “inconsistent and often ineffective” treatment throughout New York’s handling of its response to COVID-19, electing to file a class action lawsuit last Thursday. The lawsuit, filed against both NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, alleges “irreparable harm” caused to over 350 restaurants who have cosigned onto the $2 billion claim. New York City is the only city in the state where some form of indoor dining is still not allowed. Restaurants such as Il Bacco, who has spearheaded the lawsuit, cite the blatant hypocrisy on which the NYC closure mandate was based, pointing out that restaurants in Nassau County, which Il Bacco is only 500 feet from the border of, have been able to serve at a 50% capacity for indoor dining since the end of June. Bowing to the political headwinds, Mayor DeBlasio announced on Wednesday his plans to allow NYC restaurants to resume indoor dining at 25% capacity beginning on September 30th.

The class-action lawsuit is another chapter in the ever-growing saga that has surrounded Governor Cuomo’s widely controversial response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Reigning over the state which features the most COVID-19 related deaths to date, Governor Cuomo has been criticized over what many have felt are glaring inconsistencies in his approach to the reopening of the state. Most recently, Cuomo and DeBlasio elected to cancel the 9/11 Memorial and reading of the names, citing concern over the gathering of 40 required electrical workers, while permitting the Video Music Awards (VMAs) to take place in Radio City Music Hall. Both the Mayor and the Governor continue to pass the theoretical “buck” when called on to take ownership of their actions, often pointing the blame at the other.

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