• Accountants rally to push back the filing deadline for the second year in a row
  • An extended tax season is not the solution to an already stressful filing season
  • DSJCPA remains on track for an April 15th filing deadline

The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee and Oversight Subcommittee are pushing for an extended deadline due to the IRS backlog.

This is but another hurdle for taxpayers and tax preparers this year.

“We stand in the midst of the most important tax filing season in recent memory.” Said Democrats Richard Neal (MA) and Bill Pascrell (NJ), who are pushing the movement in the House, in a statement earlier this week.

IRS chief, Charles Rettig, confirmed late last month that the agency has no intention of moving the deadline: “We have no present plans to extend the filing season. Keep in mind, it creates a lot of confusion for taxpayers. It also backs up the Internal Revenue Service.”

To be clear: an extended deadline creates unnecessary confusion and stress for taxpayers.

We’ve heard it all before: the pandemic has caused unique stress and unprecedented turbulence. But adding time will not change the past; it will only prolong that stress and turbulence of which we wish to absolve ourselves. Maintaining a finite end to tax season is the best weapon taxpayers have against uncertainty.

The chairmen claim this extension is in the people’s best benefit — “Facing enormous strain and anxiety, taxpayers need flexibility now. We demand that the IRS announce an extension as soon as possible…” — But how does prolonging that enormous strain and anxiety help anyone?

The past year has been, in many ways, not unlike a burning building. New laws and updated tax codes have left taxpayers heated and burnt out. An extended tax season would be gasoline to the IRS inferno. One thing is certain: taxpayers and accountants alike need the filing deadline to remain on April 15th.

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Devin McQuillan
Associate, Creative Solutions

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