• Biden looks to overhaul reform Trump administration tax policies
  • Will this be possible if Congress remains divided?
  • Congressional division might be beneficial to the market

With the current ticket set for Joe Biden as President-elect and Congress as being wholly divided, taxpayers are wondering: if this is the case, will anything be accomplished? Specifically, will any of Biden’s proposed tax plans go through Congress if both House and Senate are split?

Biden has promised Americans a busy first day in office ticking off the number one item on his to-do list: repeal President Trump’s tax cuts. Given the recent history of Congressional division in passing a second stimulus bill, it seems unlikely that any reform will take place with immediate action. Whereas Trump forged his own path to legislation through a Democrat-controlled House during his term, Biden is predicted to rely heavily on that majority and a commitment to compromise. Business consultant Roger Harris said in an interview with Accounting Today: “the House will have to find tax things that both parties agree on, so there might be some tradeoffs. It’s possible there could be a little raise in the corporate rate if the Democrats give the Republicans something they want.” Still, the uncertain future of the Senate—currently on track for a Republican majority—remains one of Biden’s biggest roadblocks should he go through with tax cuts or, better yet, should he initiate movements on a new COVID-19 relief bill.

Another uncertainty, but one with good prospects: investment analysts predict success for the market since stocks have historically performed well under the conditions of a divided congress. Chief Market Strategist at Ameriprise, David Joy, explains: “If the government remains divided, as appears likely, markets historically are said to take some comfort in the prospect of policy gridlock.”

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