• Get to know both parties’ stances on major tax policies
  • How will your vote affect your taxes?

See below for a quick summary of Trump’s and Biden’s proposed tax plans and check out the chart below for a detailed view of certain policies. Call our office at 516-541-6549 or visit our website to speak with a CPA and learn more about how these policies can affect you.

In Summary:

Trump: Continuance of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), permanentizing provisions set to expire in 2025. Keep taxes low and add more tax cuts, especially to businesses. Looks forward to “Tax Reform 2.0” if reelected.

Biden: Roll back TCJA provisions, establish new budget, target high-income individuals and top corporations. Tax cuts, breaks, and incentives for mid-to-low-income earners.


Devin McQuillan
Associate, Creative Solutions

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