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Megan Carter

Megan Carter

Human Resource Coordinator

Megan Carter received her Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration from John Jay College, this strengthened her skills in policy development, thus further sharpening her ability to keep up with ever-changing labor laws. Following her work with the Department of Corrections and a Long Island Public School, Meg decided to challenge herself and bring her superior perception of people to the accounting sector. She gained her interest in HR from several college internships; her natural emotional intelligence has allowed her to effortlessly create a strong rapport with employees and management.

Meg is someone who chases continual improvement in everything she does and is working towards becoming available to provide HR consultation/advisory to meet the needs of various clients. When she is not working, Meg enjoys trying new restaurants and different cuisines with one condition – no spicy foods! She also loves horror books and movies. Recently Meg had the pleasure of taking a trip to Jamaica, where she enjoyed meeting new people and taking a much-deserved break.

Little Known Facts About Megan

Favorite Part of Work: Her Co-Workers.
Favorite Show: Handmaids Tale
Hardest Obstacle: Writing her Thesis Paper
Three Words to Describe Meg: Adventurous, Observant, and Socially Adept.

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